Celebrating in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland

January 31st 2018 saw the formal launch of Water Safety Scotland’s new Drowning Prevention strategy in the Scottish Parliament ( WSS is a partnership of organisations who want to promote water safety and reduce drowning in Scotland)

This is an important next step from the UK DPS launch in Feb 2016 as it makes specific objectives and commitments that are relevant to communities and Education in Scotland as a devolved area……my congratulations to all that have been involved in getting that work done to raise awareness and reduce water related fatalities in Scotland

January has also been significant for another reason…you may have seen Birds Eye ( food manufacturers) launched a new campaign for the new face of Captain Birdseye…..however it made a splash for all the wrong reasons ….and our water safety network mobilised and contacted Birds Eye to explain the problems with their advert …and THEY LISTENED….totally fantastic. I am so hugely proud of what the NFCC water safety practioners are achieving and the support from the UK NWSF network wider network too

So …planning is now well underway as we have agreed the themes for the NFCC 2018    Water Safety and Drowning prevention week and the date…wk comm 23rd April…a date for diaries


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