June 16th sees the start of the Royal Life Saving Society’s annual Drowning Prevention Week Campaign…lots of activities and social media planned to raise awareness …so please do join in…lots of Fire and Rescue Services will also be joining in or holding demonstrations next week.

This week I had the pleasure of attending a launch event with presentation aimed specifically at young people at high schools….it’s called “Water Savvy, Water Safe” and designed on the back of the successful “Safe Drive, Stay Alive” programme…and in partnership between the Fire Service and RLSS, with delivery support from other agencies. Trial feedback has been really positive, so we hope it will be a programme that helps improve water safety, help awareness and understanding and help drive better risk awareness…all we all want is for people to enjoy water safely #bewateraware and reduce the number of injuries and fatalities.



Fire and Water

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When you are a young parent you are very aware of school years and ages.  It’s surprising how fast this fades and at the meeting I attended at the East Sussex Fire and Rescue HQ this week, I had to ask the age of children in years five and six, because I had forgotten. (It’s age 9-11, by the way).

In loss terms, this being the twelfth year since we lost James, I am a Year Twelve.  That equates to the age of 16/17; to all intents and purposes an age of discovery, development and burgeoning maturity.

Sitting in that meeting room in Eastbourne, I found myself wondering what, if I was truly a Year Twelve, I would see today that is different from what James saw when he himself was in Year Twelve, with regards to safety generally, and water safety specifically.


The word cloud above, generated entirely from…

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