If it’s cold…..

Waters in the UK are rarely anything other than cold, even in the summer….but at this time of the year they are VERY cold. It is really important that people know the impact this will have on the body causing Gasp reflex, followed by incapacity and potentially if you are in the water for too long, hypothermia.

Prof Mike Tipton of Portsmouth University has been involved in research on this for many years and has supported the emergency services and RNLI with advice campaigns…please do take a look at the FLOAT TO LIVE advice as part of the RNLI RESPECT THE WATER campaign and also the RLSS advice for runners and walkers

At this time of the year it’s also important to drop in a reminder about taking care on ice….every year the emergency services have to rescue people who have gone onto ice to rescue an animal …and sadly the consequences are often that the dog gets out and is fine, but the result for the person are different …..

if you see a person or animal in difficulty in water

firstly call 9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣🆘☎️ And at the coast/beach as for the coastguard and in inland ask for Fire and Rescue and give them your location as clearly as you can…leave your Mbl on as they can trace your location

then shout for help from passers by

if possible and without endangering yourself try and throw something that will float to the casualty or use a branch to try and reach them if that is feasible

shout to the person and encourage them to turn on their back and float so that their airway is out of the water.

Finally….if you have you children, or people that are not stable on their feet with you, make sure you keep them away from the waters edge to avoid accidental falls into the water.

3 thoughts on “If it’s cold…..”

  1. If you are working on or near water make sure you wear a securely fastened PFD. When near water be aware of your surroundings and the location of emergency equipment and assistance. Rescues should be performed by those with suitable training or within your capabilities and not put you at risk. One victim can so easily and quickly become two.

    If not already done so, why not complete a First Aid course which will help you be prepared for a variety of possible incidents at home, work, college or out and about. There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than knowing that you contributed to making a difference when it was needed.

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