Party Season

I am playing catch up with my blogs…I missed October and November, but with valid reasons. In October I was focused on applying for and thankfully successfully securing the CFO/CEO position in East Sussex. I am very proud to lead such a great organisation and a fantastic team. In November I had a birthday milestone and my treat was 3 weeks in New Zealand, what a fantastic place, so much space and amazing scenery and a much needed battery recharge after a long summer without a break.

December 4th saw the start of the seasonal RLSS “Don’t Drink and Drown” Campaign,   during which many agencies seek to raise awareness about the dangers of ending up in water (intentionally or not) after drinking alcohol. The facts speak for themselves…each year around a third of adults who drown have alcohol in their system.

Alcohol can inhibit your judgement, you are less aware of risk and more likely to do things which put yourself and others in danger.  Alcohol can slow your reaction times. Alcohol alters your behaviour…some become more agressive, some become more extrovert, some drowsy….so those are just facts that are well known….now consider a drunk person falling in or deciding to swim in a cold river or the sea….it’s a recipe for disaster.

This year the increased interest and partnership work has been really tangible…the Canal and River Trust, RNLI, lifeguards, police, Fire and Rescue and SAR organisations have held many events during the week and spoke to thousands of bars and club staff, students, party go-ers. Also the press have got behind the campaign in a much bigger way, which is fantastic.

It is really difficult to know for a fact if this work saves lives, if anyone alters their actions as a result, but we do know that at least more people are aware and can make a choice. We don’t want to stop the fun…we just want to reduce drowning.

while on the subject…’s not of course just Alcohol and Water… this time of the year we see Drink/Drive campaigns ( i can’t believe in 2017 that people still get behind the wheel of a car after drinking…but it prove the facts above…alcohol leads to poor decisions) ….also this time of year we see an increase in Domestic violence …often drink fuelled …and in accidental kitchen fires…particularly when people get home late and start cooking something after drinking!

We all love to celebrate, we all want to take part in seasonal cheer…but just ask yourself if that means you have to drink to excess and possibly put your own or others lives at risk….is any party worth that?


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