#BeWaterAware Campaign 2022

Today is Day 3 of the 2022 National Fire Chiefs Council – NFCC #BeWaterAware campaign

One of the reasons that education and sharing facts and information about risks is so important is because it’s BEHAVIOUR that causes many deaths in water

Drinking alcohol before going into water…increases risk

Tombstoning…jumping from height into water …increases risk

Cold water shock…not knowing about this and jumping into cold water increases risk

Lack of the use of a simple lifejacket or floatation device when out on the water …increases risk

Parents on holiday distracted by mobile phones or reading a book when young children are in the pool / in the sea …increases risk

Dangerous driving / high speed manoeuvres when using jet skis or powerboats ….criss crossing or bough wave riding …increases risk

Taking photos close to the edge when there are high waves crashing onto the coast …increases risks

If people respected water more and altered their choices and behaviours we would see significantly less deaths in UK water each year.

The RNLI, Fire and Rescue Services, the Coastguard and Lifeguards all respond to thousands of emergencies in water every year, sometimes putting their own lives at risk to save people who have made bad choices and put themselves in danger.

So please think, talk to your family, make good choices and enjoy being in, on or by the water safely

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