IMG_4066RLSS UK want all new students starting University this September to have a fantastic Freshers week…together with many Uni and Fire and Rescue Services we also want to remind students to avoid open water when they have been drinking as alcohol inhibits judgment and reactions and EVERY YEAR we see too many deaths in water caused by drinking.

simple tips

1. Find an alternative safe route back to Halls of residence or your digs …choose a well lit route away from river edges and canals.

2. Stay in a group and look out for each other…do not get separated

3. Maybe pre-book a taxi after a night out  – many firms do a student rate  …it might only mean a few less sherbets if you club together

4. Skinny dipping on a cold September night after a skin full is NOT a good idea and could end your life instead of the night out





2 thoughts on “freshers…fun”

  1. A great article with excellent and useful suggestions.

    Alcohol not only impairs co-ordination and judgement but decreases your tolerance to the cold.

    You lose heat 20 times faster in water than in air and a drop of only a few degrees in your core temperature for more than a short period can be life-threatening.

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