Date for the diary…24 April


24th April sees the start of the CFOA campaign week for Drowning Prevention and Water safety…and Fire and Rescue Services across the U.K. will be working with other agencies to promote increased public safety around water.

Many people love the water, whether it’s getting in, on, or walking by it…Our beaches, lakes, canals and rivers become busy places when the weather is nice and we want people to enjoy the water safely.

Unfortunately every year in the UK around 400 people accidentally loose their lives in water and many more have to be rescued or suffer injuries.

There are some obvious basic and common sense precautions to take and we will be sharing those, but more than that we will be targeting our messages at the groups of individuals who are most likely to loose their lives in water…young men between 15 and 29 that are going in the water for some fun….who jump into freezing water without allowing their body to acclimatise and so avoid Cold water shock ….people who have been drinking 🍷🍻🍸 and think a dip is a good idea without realising that their perceptions of danger and ability to respond have been changed by the alcohol, ….people who think they can swim…but do not know the open water they are entering and have not thought about getting out nor assessed the dynamics of the water.

We hope that by campaigning and raising awareness we can help improve understanding and reduce the number of deaths in water in the UK and save the families and friends the heartache.

Please join in by sharing our messages on social media and also check out the information on ROSPA, RNLI and RLSS websites about water safety.



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