#BeWaterAware 2020

So we are here ….the annual NFCC #BeWaterAware campaign
For those that don’t know…I lead the National Fire Chiefs Council work on Water Safety and Drowning Prevention and have been doing this since 2013.
Since that time we have worked with the National Water Safety Forum in UK, published a strategy, co-ordinated campaigns, raised awareness, lobbied Government and developed education packages and projects such as safety signage and water side personal rescue equipment….and most importantly seen the number of accidental drownings in the UK decrease.

In 2013 we saw 381 deaths in the UK from accidental and natural causes (people falling in water sometimes have a heart attack before they drown) …but in 2018 that same figure was 263. The 2019 data will be published in May.

I also work closely with lots of family advocates …families that have lost someone to drowning …and support the UK FB group FAD – Families Against Drowning

So this week you will see quite a lot from me about Water safety as we raisin awareness …please feel free to join in or RT, you could help save a life …our campaign uses the hashtag #BeWaterAware and if you are on Twitter, please follow National Fire Chiefs Council – NFCC on @NFCC_FireChiefs for more details . Also talk to your family about water safety….it’s as important as Fire safety and Road safety.

Thank you


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