It’s been quite a while since I have written a blog on here, but scenes of the last few weeks have spurred me to do so.

Apart from the fantastic work by the emergency services and volunteers to help those in the worst affected flood areas, we have seen some real devastation …not only loss of homes, possessions and businesses …but sadly also lives.

Many of you may have seen the stunning footage of the RNLI Hastings Shannon lifeboat going out to a call during a severe storm to search for a wind surfer….the boat nearly capsized, but it’s fabulous design and skilled coxswain righted it to continue its work, though I know the crew were fairly shaken after it.

We have also seen 100s of people rescued from vehicles that have become stuck in flood water …how many times have we got to advise people not to drive into flood water? Apart from risking lives, it’s highly likely your insurance will not pay out and it if you get water in your engine it’s expensive/ write off.

The most frustrating for me is those that choose to put themselves in a very high risk situation because they …have to catch that wave, take that photo, have drunk too much to even understand…..time and time again they put the professionals and volunteers at risk so their lives can be saved….sadly education won’t stop some of these people…all that can sometimes help is the real stories of those families that have lost love ones to the power and cold of the water. So once again I am thanking those families for sharing their painful experiences…and also all those involved and putting themselves in harms way to rescue those in peril.

Our NFCC water safety campaign #BeWaterAware will run again in April…please do check out the hashtag on Twitter for all year around support

Thank you

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