If you drink…you may sink

As we move into the final 3 days of the 2019 NFCC #BeWaterAware campaign and bank holiday our focus turns to a high risk group….young adult drinkers that have over indulged and ended up in the water

Earlier this year, NFCC wrote to all Universities in UK and set out Five Steps for them to consider :-
1. Universities should include in their student information and induction packs information about water safety and drowning

2. To ensure risk assessments of bodies of water within the university estates are undertaken with clear action plans in place to reduce risk.  RoSPA’s / RLSS document ‘water safety at inland waterways’ Provides good advice.
3. To engage with national awareness raising campaigns – there are several of these each year, including the RLSS UK ‘Don’t Drink and Drown’ campaigns. Water safety campaigns from NWSF members run throughout the year. the 2019 dates for ‘Don’t Drink and Drown’ are 12-19 September 2019 and 2-8 December 2019 .
4. Assess and communicate safe walking routes in the area after a night out and provide advice and guidance to students during Fresher’s week and during peak periods of risk such as Christmas parties, or post exams.
5. To consider making available student training for lifesaving, first aid and resuscitation skills. These are widely available and can be free through local responder agencies. RLSS, RNLI, Red Cross, St John Ambulance even your local ambulance service may offer these

Priority messages for young adults on a night out

🍷 Alcohol reduces inhibitions and can lead to risk taking behaviour
🍸 Alcohol will impair judgment and self control
🍻 Stay with your friends  and don’t wander off and Keep an eye on any friends who are worse for wear and make sure you help them home
🍹 Avoid walking near water even if the path is lit, you may not realise how unsteady on your feet you are
🚕 Make sure you store a taxi number in your phone and have some emergency money at home so you can pay. If the money is at home you can’t lose it or accidentally spend it….Plan how you are getting home before you start your night out

please don’t let a night out become your last one #BeWaterAaware


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