When away from home

We all look forward to holiday season …..and often holidays involve time by water…beaches, pools, harbours…rivers…it’s relaxing and fun…whether that is in the UK or abroad, near the coast or at inland beauty spots.

Lack of local knowledge about an area combined with a relaxed outlook can mean an increase risk of drowning and sadly every year British people die in water abroad

Advice for the beach
• Secluded beaches are not safe beaches – use a life guarded beach during patrolled hours. If you have children they will want to run and play…you need a second pair of eyes and it is important to remember that it is up to you to correctly supervise children not Lifeguards.

• Dress your children in something nice and bright/ distinctive – it is easier to keep an eye on them.
• Make sure your children know what to do, or where to go if they get lost – agree a meeting point. Many beaches have wristband systems that you can write your Mbl on in case families get spilt up on busy beaches.

  • Inflatables look fun…those big unicorns 🦄 and flamingos ….but they are not designed to be used on the sea and can quickly be carried out of safe depth by wind and tides.

• Check tides. These can changes at different times of the year – It might have been safe last time you holidayed here – doesn’t mean it is this time
• Be aware of rip tides and currents – they can drag you out to sea and are almost impossible to swim against – https://rnli.org/safety/know-the-risks/rip-currents
• Look for safety information, this might be local signs or flags on display at the beach and obey them
• Never enter the water after drinking alcohol.

if you plan to take a boat trip, or hire a jet ski or get on a banana! ….please wear a lifejacket
Advice for the pool
• Alcohol should be avoided – never swim after drinking and don’t drink next to the pool – it is very easy to feel drowsy or fall asleep after drinking in the sun- you may not notice a child enter the water.
• Check the rules for pools before you go on holiday in some countries pools should be fenced off
• Don’t think arm bands or a rubber rings prevent drowning
• Clear trip hazards (such as toys) from around the pool
• Never leave a child unsupervised near or in a pool – not even for a second
• Don’t assume you will hear if there is a problem – children can slip below the surface silently
• Don’t assume because a hotel pool has an attendant or lifeguard you don’t need to supervise.

Have a fab holiday…just #BeWaterAware



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