Call to Universities in UK


Below I am posting a list of names of University Students who have lost their lives in the last few years by drowning after a night out.

Please think for a moment about the impact on these families, their friends, their lecturers and do me a favour….share this message in an attempt to raise awareness…these brilliant and bright young people all had promising lives before them…they were enjoying the experience of Uni …sometimes in Cities they were not familiar with….they probably were all on their way back to their halls of residents or student houses and chose a route by water, they may have got separated from friends….

If only they had chosen another route….if only they had booked an Uber, ….if only they had not drunk so much…if only there had been railings, if only the lighting was better………..

IF ONLY …..will not change a thing, but education and awareness might and this month I am writing to every UK University Vice Chancellor to ask them to assist and to #BeWaterAware

My apologies if anyone reading this is impacted because they know one of these young people personally.
Daniel Williams – University of Reading – 2019
Tom Jones – University of Worcester – 2018
Charlie Pope – University of Manchester – 2018
Charlie Godfrey – University of Bath – 2018
Michael Turnball – University of Brighton – 2017
Ethan Philbrick – Exeter University – 2017
Ethan Peters – Univeristy of York – 2016
Caroline Everest – University of Sheffield – 2016
Sope Peters – University of Durham – 2013
Luke Pearce – University of Durham -2014
Euan Coulthard – University of Durham -2015
Chris Taylor – University of Bath – 2014
Megan Roberts – University of York – 2014

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