Be Water Aware

In the last few weeks, i have spoken to several people…Nick, Debbie, Becky, Debbie and Jet….different people from different parts of the UK…but all with something dreadful in common…they have all lost their child to drowning. Their ages were different , the situations different ….Charlie was 19, Chris, Emily, Dylan all young teenagers, Kiara just 2…but all of their families want to take action in their loved ones names …to prevent others going through the pain.

They are all seeking to educate, they are lobbying for improvements in safety, they are seeking to work with others….and it’s key they have support.

The NFCC #BeWaterAware campaign starts next week and Fire and Rescue Services all over the UK, in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales will be sharing messages and organising demonstrations and working with other organisations and families to raise awareness of the risks associated with open water. There will be a different message each day, so please do follow each day and share the messages and campaign…please…help us to help those families that want to reduce Drownings in the UK



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