NFCC #BeWaterAware

Today is Day 6 of the 2017 campaign that sees Fire and Rescue Services in the U.K. Working with partners to raise awareness about water safety.

We have focused our campaign on three main areas

1. Targeting awareness messages to those that we know from analysis of several years figures that are at highest risk from drowning and these are mainly people that had not planned to enter the water…walkers, runners, dog owners, anglers and those on a night out enjoying a drink or two.

2. Events to educate people, particularly children about staying safe, how to use throwlines, what to do if someone needs help and not to enter the water themselves…also encouraging them to learn to swim and improve their skills.

3. Demonstrations of the kit and equipment that we use for Rescue and also some demonstrations of rescues by our highly trained water rescue teams.


We work very closely with the RLSS, RNLI, MCA, ROSPA and other agencies and local clubs to help reduce Drowning because every year we see around 350/ 400 accidents in the U.K. that result in drowning …and of course the impacts go beyond that…people are injured, but survive…families are devastated, the cost of rescue and medical care goes up.

We want people to enjoy being in, on and by the water safely.

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