On thin ice

Compeled to add a second January blog

How is it possible to be an adult and make such poor decisions and set such a poor example for children and even put them directly in danger?

This last week or so has seen a cold snap in the U.K. and resulting freeze up of surface water….it’s fun as a kid to don wellies and holding a parents hand on a country walk to jump in those totally frozen little puddles on the country lane and around the park and smash the thin ice……but that is a far cry from a couple of the images we have seen and the media have reported on this week. Most chilling the newspaper picture of  a man carrying a small child walking out onto the surface of a frozen pond……what was he thinking?….Well actually he can’t have thought at all…..and the response on social media was inevitable , some calling for the man to be identified.

I deal with many parents of victims of drownings and a very common thing I hear amoungst the pain and grief is a wish they had known more about the dangers of drowning, spoken to their kids and warned them…the same way they had drilled road safety into them for example….and when some of those parents saw the above image…needless to say they were shocked and angry.

This week I was also contacted by one of my staff, a Watch Manager from one of the Fire Stations and he wanted to know if we could get some posters or signs to put up at a local venue after lots of kids….with their parents ….had been seen walking out onto a surface frozen pond …and one had fallen through, though safely recovered…..he was worried that someone may get hurt or worse.

In the UK it is unlikely that the surface freeze will be deep enough to withstand the body weight of an adult for much more than just a few feet ..it’s simply not cold enough….but the thing is you do not know how deep or strong the freeze is, so why take the risk? And worse still why risk a child ? …..the phrase “skating on thin ice”… means taking a real risk with poor odds…and that is precisely what this is.

Stay off frozen ponds, lakes and rivers and warn your children …we don’t want to have to be called to recover them from a situation that is COMPLETELY avoidable and preventable. Go to an ice rink or Syberia if you want to learn to ice skate!



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