Politics and Prevention

Over the last week colleagues who are members of the National Water Safety Forum have been working hard to raise awareness of our politicians in UK …to make them aware of the uk-drowning-prevention-strategy

Firstly the LGA, who are the supporting association for all local politicians in local government …We hope to raise awareness in local councils of their duty of care

The second meeting was with the Rt Hon John Hayes, who has agreed to continue with Ministerial support for the Strategy and for Drowning Prevention and to engage with other ministers in Education, Health, Response…etc

Last night we gave evidence to the Transport Select Committee on the work of the National Water Safety Forum and our partner agencies on tackling Drowning Prevention. We hope that they now have a better picture of some of the issues and that more work is needed to understand risk and take action in local communities…and that this is both an inland and coastal issue for the U.K.



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