Flooding arrives early

Last year we will all remember the terrible time that people in the north of England had with flooding, particularly in Cumbria with wide areas under water, loss of bridges and the misery that is caused by flooded homes.

Well, it’s started in November this year with Storm Angus hitting the South this weekend and being followed by heavy rainfall in the early week up across Devon, Somerset and making its way north.

As an advocate for water safety there are a few things about floods that are worth a particular mention….accepting it’s difficult to stop flooding and prevent it…

1. we can all be prepared and log into the Met office and Environment Agency weather warnings. β˜”οΈπŸ’¨

2. from a drowning prevention perspective….PLEASE do not try and walk or drive through flood water…firstly it only takes around 30cms of moving water to move a car and secondly if you walk through flood water you do not know if drain covers have been lifted off and if you might be walking into danger…not just getting wet feet! πŸš˜πŸš’

3. If near the coast, stay back from sea walls and cliff edges when there are high waves….every year lives are lost when people get washed off the edges by high waves. Your life is not worth that photograph or selfie! If you want a picture of crashing waves …download it off the internet or buy a serious zoom lens so you can be at a safe distance. 🌊

4. Please remember that flood water is not just lots of rain….it’s often polluted by drains and underground sewers over topping, so you need to decontaminate boots and scrub your hands if you have been in it.

please keep safe in floods…it’s tragic to loose possessions and have your home flooded, or loose a vehicle…..but for some it’s much worse…lives are lost in floods each year…..many of them from vehicle entrapment or being swept away in floodwater or by high waves.πŸ˜”


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