I have the privilege to work with some fantastic charities, emergency services, lifesavers and families that all want to reduce drowning in the UK

This months blog is about passion….it’s vital, but passion can also lead to wrong choices and misinformation And worse still …wasted effort/energy.

I agree that Government’s around the world are not as sighted as they should be on the issue of water safety and drowning prevention and there are some simple things that could be done to improve this….however I have recently seen some campaigns that have reported wrong information and are potentially damaging to encouraging collaboration and that may unpick some of the fantastic work that is being done in the UK to engage with the Government and it’s local authorities, sadly some do not care about that, as they are more focused on their own personal passion, agenda or journey rather than what is the best course of action or approach to actually get things done.

So my plea is this…to get things done and reduce drownings and improve water safety…we have to focus on fact and accurate information, we have to work together on getting the objectives of the UK drowning prevention strategy known and achieved and we have to focus on actions that will deliver change…not focus on criticism of certain agencies, charities or the Government …. those are approaches that absorb a lot of energy, but get us no where further forward fast.

lets use our passion wisely….💙

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