Take heed ….of the power of waves


Six deaths this weekend …in two days …off UK shores, all of them due to the power of the waves and currents.

Some were out just for a walk to see the sea, some went for a paddle, some swimming, some surfing….but all underestimated the risk …now families are without fathers, mothers and loved ones….what does it take to get people to listen and to understand the risk and impact?

Many people tried to help, some who did had to be taken to hospital themselves and the responders at sea…the RNLI and the coastguard mainly….they deserve our respect, risking their own lives in sometimes extremely challenging conditions to rescue people or recover the bodies of loved ones.

Please share this post, but more importantly talk to everyone you  know what water safety. You can visit the websites of the RNLI, RLSS or ROSPA for more information



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