Water does not respect age

This week, as well as the news reports of two teen age lads from Birmingham lost on the coast of North Wales …the search has sadly been called off, we have also seen news of a 4 year old who had an accident in a pool at a holiday park in Cumbria and a man in his early 70’s who was fishing in the Orkneys…my first thoughts are with their families…4 more families and associated friends suffering this week.

These people were all out to enjoy the water, partaking in leisure activities …the age range reminds us that everyone can be at risk and so it’s even more important that people are water aware.

Parents….please always monitor young children in water, don’t drop your guard, even when on holiday.

Teenagers …when you go to the coast, please look out for flags and stay in sight of the beach and in your depth as the currents and power of the sea should not be underestimated and you can quickly tire when swimming against the currents and tides in British waters

Anglers…you may have been to the same spot for years, in a boat, off the rocks…but one slip can cost dearly….if a full lifejacket is too bulky…please consider a PFD, it could make all the difference and please ensure people know where you are.

Who knows if this advice would have saved one of these four lives? ….but it may save one in the future….so please share…we loose nearly 400 people a year in the UK in accidental drownings…many could be prevented

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