CFOA responds to co-responding criticism

Shared…very cross about the inaccuracies in Times and Daily Mail about this issue

Chief Fire Officers Association

Following an article in the Times (August 1st 2016) which claimed thousands of patients are being put at risk by a shortage of paramedics, leading to firefighters dealing with serious injuries with limited training, the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) has responded.

Approximately a third of UK Fire and rescue Services work with ambulance services and are actively co-responding.

According to Pete O’Reilly, CFOA’s Lead for Health: “It is unfair to suggest firefighters are not trained to co-respond and are putting people’s lives at risk. The safety of the public and our firefighters is of paramount importance.

“Following discussions and consultations with the relevant ambulance trust, services which are co-responding will be trained to deal with particular emergencies. The attendance of appropriately trained firefighters is designed to complement the attendance of highly trained paramedics who are always mobilised to attend serious medical emergencies.”

The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA)…

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