Enjoy water safely..help educate


Last week was a challenging one for all that are passionate about drowning prevention and also the vast number of response and rescue services that deal with emergencies as the hot weather resulted in more people taking a dip and inevitably a small proportion of those swimming getting into difficulty

it might shock you, but last week 12 people lost their lives around the UK in drownings…12 families who are shattered and trying to come to terms with the needless loss, and amoungst that number 3 under the age of 16.

Emergency and Rescue services try to raise awareness and help people understand risk, but we are also aware that we need to be proportionate and factual and avoid “scaremongering” ….we are not about scaring people…we are about making people safer

I spent some of my week last week in correspondence with Simon Griffiths, editor of H2openmagazine …a magazine for those with a passion for open water swimming….in the past there may have been some conflict between some of their readers and Emergency Services due to messaging…but we need to move beyond that and work with the competent and careful regular open water swimmers in order to share messages and ensure people can enjoy water safely by taken sensible precautions and targeting those who do not understand risk

i am sharing below the blog Simon has shared….please take a few minutes to read it….


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