Raising Awareness in Partnership

Today, May Day, is the final day of the @CFOAfire week long campaign #BeWaterAware …a quick look at this hashtag on Twitter will show just how many agencies have contributed to events and awareness raising about drowning prevention this week…..it’s been a busy one.

Fire and Rescue and other emergency services are trained to deal with emergencies in water…but we would rather prevent them and work with members of the public to improve awareness and understanding of the risks.

this year promises to be the start of achieving a real change , the publication of the NWSF UK Drowning Prevention Strategy in February has created common objectives for many organisations to work towards….all wanting to achieve the goal of (at least) halving accidental drownings in the UK by 2026.

next on the campaign calendar is International Water Safety Day on the 15th May, the RLSS have year round campaigns and hold Drowning Prevention Week starting June 18th. The RNLI will be running RESPECT THE WATER again this summer.



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