Running or walking? don’t slip up

Great advice of how to stay safe

Chief Fire Officers Association

Just going for a walk or a quick run doesn’t sound like an activity you wouldn’t return safely from. In fact, an organisation asked to help spread the message declined – ‘because walking is safe’.  Yes, walking and running are safe but people need to be mindful if they are near water – no matter how safe they perceive their activity to be, the risks change. Not being aware is how you get caught out.

CFOA_Water Safety Poster_RUNNER

The WAID statistics speak for themselves. Not only are runners and walkers the group most at risk of accidental drowning, but this group has also seen a jump in the number of fatalities in recent years.

2010       58

2011       87

2012       54

2013       126

2014       138 (during 2014 113 cyclists died on UK roads)

Rivers have been identified as the body of water which poses the greatest risk.

runners and walkers drowning by water body Runners and walkers drowning…

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