Campaign approaching

imageThe Chief Fire Officers Association runs many safety campaigns each year focused on home safety, fire safety, road safety etc…and this year, for the second year a drowning prevention and water safety campaign

Starting on the 25th of April and running for 7 days the focus this year will be on those people that die in the water that never intended to go into the water in the first place. In fact 44% of those that drown each year never intended to go in. Some of those are people that were out walking or running, some with a dog, some tried to make a rescue, some had been out socialising.

The campaign will be run in Fire and Rescue Services all over the UK with support from many other organisations, including the RNLI, ROSPA and the RLSS.

There will be demonstrations and events and also posters on the CFOA Twitter and website that can be shared.

The campaign has the strap line BE WATER AWARE as we are trying to improve awareness and prevent deaths and injuries in water in the UK and also when on holiday abroad.


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