Anyone involved in water safety or drowning prevention dreads reading of the next water related death ….. we empathise with the community, family and friends that will be impacted and whose lives will change.

All life is precious ….but it is particularly poignant when children are lost…so many lost opportunities and missed moments of joy.

This weekend saw the loss of two year old twins, the Scott brothers in Scotland in a tradgic accident at their home…..my thoughts are with their parents, family, friends and community. They need time and space to grieve…and support, but they are having to deal with their loss in the midst of the media interest,  HSE and investigation….thrust into the public eye for all the wrong reasons……so hard.

We are all determined to achieve a future without drowning….to educate, raise awareness, improve safety….but all organisations have a responsability to do that respectfully and with regard for families that have suffered this sort of loss….and be mindful not to exploit a tradgic situation to promote a cause…..it’s a fine balance and one that requires sensitivity and integrity…

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